Caty & Din

Our kittens are loving, trusting, and very cuddly. They are raised in full family, by carrying cat-mommy and cat-daddy. Growing up this way, as adults, they will possess a good and balanced temperament, typical for Persian cats.


Din (2014) is Cream Smoke Persian Male. The smoke Persian is one of the most striking patterns of the Persian colors. In motion, Din's coat breaks open, giving glimpses of a startling white undercoat. His brilliant copper eyes catch the sunlight like amber. Din is very sweet in nature and prefers a peaceful and quiet time. He enjoys displaying himself like the fine pieces of living artwork.


Caty (2016) is Brown Tabby Persian Female. Her beautiful striped and swirled coat has a silky touch. Caty is very sweet, like the overgrown kitten with playful nature. She loves to play with toys or cuddles next to you. She communicates delightfully with her large expressive eyes.

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Staten Island,
New York

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